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I am Doug Handy of HandyWare LLC - Software and More

Ever since I began my career, I have been amazed at how many opportunities are missed every day, to harness the power of computing in industry. While almost everyone enjoys the convenience of email, internet shopping, and social media, when it comes time to use the computer to work smarter, and get more done in the small business environment, things often don't happen quite so smoothly.


Much of my background has been in addressing just this concern. It is not always easy. I guess if it was, I would not be discussing this now. For example, maybe you have a proprietary process that does not lend itself to a mass marketed application, or maybe your machinery is older, and complicated, so there is nothing out of the box that fits.


Maybe you have been OK for years, but someone who has managed things by hand is about to retire.

You might have a powerful tool like SQL Server at your disposal, but have not utilized all of the capabilities.

These are examples of real opportunities for improvement for your company.


If you are a programmer using Visual, you may be interested in some products that are being developed as well. Many times, useful tools arise out of the challenge of creating a custom application. These can be licensed for use in your applications under various arrangements.

Contact us today to see what we can do together!


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