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Desktop Applications and Utilities

We offer existing Windows Desktop Applications and can design custom applications on a contract basis. We currently develop for Windows XP and higher, using the DotNet framework.

SQL Server Scripts

We can write custom scripts to run on SQL Server 2008 R2 and higher. These can perform a wide variety of functions. The most common is to create custom tables, or views, and procedures that control the logic behind a task you want to accomplish. We offer a custom app that adds functionality to any of our procedures, like allowing cut and paste or import from Excel, a grid to view data, and selection from a list by type of function.

SSRS Reports and Utilities

SSRS is built in to SQL Server, and offers a rich environment for designing reports. We can design packages of reports based on your data, and have pre-designed reports available for some commercial SQL Server based packages like Exact MAX ERP system from Exact Software, NA.


We also offer a custom Windows app that can be run on your server to backup and deploy groups of reports from local storage quickly.

NEW! SSRS Mobile Reports

Starting with SQL Server 2016, mobile report design is built in! We can custom design these reports for your data. These can be viewed on compatible smartphones, pads, and tablets using the free PowerBI Mobile app from Microsoft.

We are developing an installer so that the mobile reports can be backed up, and deployed in groups from local storage.

Android Apps

We can design custom Android apps that can take advantage of many of the built in capabilities of Android devices, and available free apps. These include GPS linked to Google Maps, text to speech, sharing via email, sharing, fast list searching, and more. We have an app designed for USPS rural carriers that allows complete routes to be entered, so that anyone with an Android device can get turn by turn directions, parcel alerts, and track their performance.


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