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SSRS Reports

SQL Server Reporting Services is built in to SQL Server and offers the ability for users to view reports based on your data within your intranet, or over the web. We design reports that can express this data in a way that users can understand. We have also designed  installation tools to get a group of reports up and running quickly.

SSRS Reports - Deploying and Backup

Sure you can manage your report server from the web portal, and that's great when you have 1 or 2 reports, but if you want to deal with a package of reports, with sub-folders, you need a tool to help you. We have the answer. Handy Script Installer will do the whole job for you. It will allow you to install and test any of our underlying procedures, backup your existing reports, and deploy our supplied reports in a few easy steps. Mobile report backup is supported, and mobile report deployment should be soon.

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