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SQL Server Scripts

SQL Server is a very powerful tool for your business. It can be intimidating too. We design scripts that can be run to help unleash some of the capabilities of SQL Server that may be underutilized. Some of these may create tables, allow import of data, allow user entries, or set task schedules. Other uses include collecting business trend data, sending email alerts, performing maintenance tasks, and creating views and triggers. We have installers, and an app that allows our procedures to be run with little intervention, or knowledge of the database itself.

With any of our scripts that create procedures, we have added extra functionality. Using our custom tool "Handy Process Execute", the procedures can be grouped by database, and sub-grouped by functionality type. They can be directly executed from the app, and, depending on the procedure, you will be prompted for any parameters, and may be given the option to cut and paste or import from Excel. Data tables can also be viewed if needed. The app can be called from the command line too, so you can create a shortcut to any procedure that you can place on the desktop, or call from any application that supports the command line.

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