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Time Saving utilities 

From my experience, most associates mean well, and would like to excel at their everyday tasks, but will keep doing things the same way, day after day. These tasks may involve repetitive handwritten notes, or reports, or data entry that can be simplified. In some cases, people may working without valuable information they could be using to do a better job. Automation of tasks utilizing commonly available Microsoft Office applications is often a good starting point. If you need a little more, data can be mined form your existing SQL Server, Access, Oracle, or Pervasive databases. If the data is not there, no problem--the databases can be set up so you can get going.


Custom applications for small manufacturing.

Maybe you would like to organize your warehousing, or make your machinery manuals, or diagrams interactively available to people on the floor.How about simulating a product, or process without having to take the time to actually try it, make it, or get a customer to evaluate it. Maybe you would like a big picture view of the company's performance, with the ability to investigate the detail only when you are not happy with the overall assessment.


This is where an application developer with a background in engineering, and manufacturing can really put your existing equipment to work.


Our location is near Philadelphia, PA, but many projects can be completed from anywhere. Use the contact form on the support page if you have a project that needs to be reviewed.



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