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Live Resizer for Windows Forms Applications

Ever seen something like this when a user maximizes your form?  If you want to develop an appliction quickly that allows users to take advantage of some of the larger displays, while still allowing legacy users to use smaller displays, this is for you. Once this library is referenced in your project, any forms you select will gain the capability to intelligently resize when users resize the form larger larger, or maximize it. This work on larger displays as they become available, and optionally the end user can even make the adjustments on a per user, per machine basis. All of the standard windows forms controls are supported.  The setup is a quick and straightforward process, allowing control sizes, column widths, fonts, and images to be controlled. Sure, you can eventually get there the long way using the provided tools, but why spend the time? This product will be available on in the near future, or use the contact form to request an  evaluation copy.

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